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sept 2013
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It is a notion that touches me a lot. You can’t claim that you have fully lived if you don’t have any memories left. Of course it can be either bad or good memories. But it is always associated with “emotion”. You can either cry of sadness or joy or either laugh when you think of something or someone. Memories are even more important if you do not live the same thing anymore. Or even more if the person you are thinking of is not there… I know It is a painful memory. But sometimes (that’s when you are lucky) you have the person’s photo. But sometimes unfortunately you don’t. The memory you have of that person can be something they wrote (and you have kept it preciously), they’ve said or even a song you’ve listened to when you met him or her when he or she left.

Sometimes a song alone can make me cry because of whom it makes me think of.

You need memories to keep the memory of someone alive you do everything not to forget that person. You try to remember the only memory you have of him or her. Sometimes it is really hard to think of that but I prefer that than forgetting that person who is so close to my heart. I hope I will never forget these memories. I will never forgive myself if I do so, it is so important to keep memories.

sept 2013
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It is a feeling I often experiment. When you have to leave something, someone or somewhere and you don’t want to.

You try to fight that feeling, either listening to lively music, either crying when listening to sad; melancholic music in order to get that sadness out of you. But sometimes the best solution is to wait and see what happens afterwards. I think it is the best way to get that sadness away from you: let time go by. Because sometimes you feel sad and there is no one that can help you get through that moment. But it doesn’t have to last long because if it does, it becomes depression. And you don not want to come to that, don’t you?

Sometimes feeling that sort of sadness makes you realise that you are lucky. Of course you are sad to leave that something, someone or somewhere. But what you say is that you’ve known it or him or her and you are lucky and privileged to have done so. It is better to feel sad after having experienced all these things than being sad of not having known that at all.


sept 2013
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It is a very paradoxical notion. On the one hand I hate it because you do not have any power to stop it. You can only see seconds, minutes, years; decades go by without being able to do anything. Sometimes you would like to take more time to do something or have more time to be with someone you want to. But it is not possible. You are not the master of time. You have to live with the feeling that you will never dominate it. Very sad to know and to think that.

On the other hand you need time. I know that ,personally I need it in the way that especially, even more since some time, I need to put a date on everything I print, I write, on a song I’ve been listening to. I need to feel reassured, to know that the day I would want to go back and look for the date I wrote such thing I will find it. I would like that, when later in life I think of something I am able to remember it, being in my head or reading  what I wrote at that time. I am afraid of not being able to remember things later in life, so that is why I keep on writing in order to keep trace of my life. It is so important to me because I want to be able to tell things to my children. Hopefully that way I will be able to do so.

août 2013
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It’s something you do not expect. It comes to you, you don’t know how, where or why. But it’s something special and you know that it hasn’t happened to you before. It’s an indescribable feeling too. You realise that when talking to someone and you are unable to put words on your feelings.

It’s a truly indescribable feeling that feels nice. The fact of not knowing why makes that feeling so special. It’s rare to feel that feeling more than once (or twice I don’t know) in your lifetime. If you don’t know how, where or why, there’s one thing you do know: it’s when. In fact you realise it on the moment but don’t know or understands the reasons and that is why it makes you feel so special, so different.

You are not your old self anymore; you’ve become a better, a different person. What a nice feeling!

août 2013
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Love, brotherhood, understanding of the  other, the meaning of the word friendship covers at least these three words.

To me it is a precious word, a relationship you do not and cannot have with everyone. When the person, called a friend, accepts you the way you are, that is with your good side but also bad side and bad habits, when she or he is ready to understand how you are and how you feel in front of such or such situation, when you can call that person when you are in a very big mess, even late at night, that is when you know that you’ve got a true friend.

A friend is someone that can be trusted and that can trust in return. You don’t have many true friends that you can rely on. According to me true friends can be counted and do not exceed the number of fingers one has. Anyway you don’t need to have a lot of friends, what you need is people you can rely on, people you can talk to when you need them, people who would be ready and happy to help you, even on the most stupid matters, and people  that do not make you feel unwanted anytime, anywhere.

You don’t need to receive texts, mails or letters everyday, but a friend has to give news every once in a while even if they are far away. Distance does not have to ruin a friendship, on the contrary show whether it is really a strong and true one or whether it was not even one.

This relationship is something anyone needs, on top of the relationships you have with your close family. It balances your way of feeling, you can get different type of advice, from your parents, from your brothers and sisters and also which is very different and very useful, from your friend. And if they are your true friends you should know by their advice.


août 2013
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Why are people mean, nasty and hurt people? Recently I have had the chance to work with very nice people but also had not so good experiences too.

People started to get nasty when I hadn’t done anything wrong. As a normal person, you start to ask yourself what you could have possibly done to another person so that today that person says such nasty things about you. And then people who really know me, start to tell me that these kinds of people only do this because they are jealous and you have not done anything wrong.

 They are jealous because they see that you feel great about what you do, how you get along with everybody and that people do actually appreciate you for what you are. They are jealous because they don’t have the same type of relationship with other people and want you to feel bad, want you not to feel good about yourself…

Some people are jealous because they are scared. You are becoming so good, so at ease with everyone and with your job that they are scared you could take their position… And then people start becoming nasty again with you. Not wanting you to improve in your job.

What you must learn throughout these tough experiences in life is that you are here to learn and that this type of things should help you grow stronger and enable you not to make the same mistake or at least prevent other people from suffering from this kind of nasty people by warning them…


août 2013
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Attendre, espérer, encore attendre… voilà à quoi se résume la « vie amoureuse » d’un célibataire, celle d’une personne qui n’a jamais trouvé l’amour et qui aimerait tant le trouver.

Mais que faire d’autre ? A part espérer que l’âme sœur arrivera bientôt, à part se dire que le/la prochain/e sera pour moi. Mais en attendant les années passent, l’espoir et l’attente laissent vite place à la solitude…

Dure, dure la vie de célibataire… Quand on entend que certains gouttent à cet amour que j’attends et que d’autres se marient ou sont parents,…comment trouver la force de se dire qu’un jour, bien sûr un jour, ça m’arrivera, se dire que, je finirai par dire à mes amis « ça y est j’ai enfin trouvé l’âme sœur » ?

Le meilleur antidote pour pallier à cette solitude, est de trouver des occupations notamment sortir avec ses amis, se créer des contacts… et puis qui sait, l’âme sœur peut s’avérer être un/e ami/e…

Comme on dit tout arrive à qui sait attendre… Donc il faut savoir prendre son mal en patience, peut-être que le bonheur arrivera, celui d’aimer et d’être aimé/e. »

[Écrit le 02.02009 suite à une demande d’un ami]

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